1/72 Hasegawa F-4B

Gallery Article by Drewe Manton


This is the Hasegawa 1/72nd that I built during late April/Early may.  The model represents a VMFA-122 aircraft  based at Danang in the RVN during 1967.  The tailplanes included in the kit are the later slotted type retro-fitted to F-4B's and N's in the 70's, and thus had to be changed.  Mine were pilfered form an ESCI F-4 kit and modified to fit the Hasegawa (the triangular re-inforcing plates need removing).  

The interior had a little detail added. . seats were Neomega resin with PP Aeroparts ejection handles (they are actually MB-Mk7's whereas they should be Mk-5's at this point in the aircraft's career. . I was forced to go with the 7's due to there being no Mk-5's available for the real modeller. . . . no one will know unless I tell them. . ahhhh. . errr. . . oops!) Canopy mirrors and pilot's sight are also PP etched brass.  


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All weapons are from Hasegawa weapons sets, with the AIM-9B's having the noses drilled out, painted silver and glazed with clear epoxy.  VMFA-122 was the only unit to use three gunpods regularly in the close support role in Vietnam, and it was this that I wanted to represent.

The model is almost exclusively painted with Humbrol, with the exception of the anti-glare panel and final varnish coat which are from the Revell paint range. Decals are from Fox-One.  Weathering was a mixture of forced panel lines airbrushed on after the main scheme, a medium grey oil paint wash and some freehand airbrushing.  The underside should be much dirtier than it is but it's easy to go over the top I find. . . . . . . . . . restraint is better in this scale!  

It took me about 3 weeks from opening the box to finishing this model.  This was a good short modelling project of an impressive Phantom. . . . . . and I always loved the Hasegawa kit (I have a pile of them for other projects. . . . an Israeli F-4E(S) is likely to be next!)"

Drewe Manton


Photos and text by Drewe Manton