1/72 Hasegawa F-4EJ Kai Phantom II

Gallery Article by Drewe Manton


This is Hasegawa's F-4EJ Kai, builr as with most of my kits straight from the box with only the most ovious detailing. . .   There isn't a whole lot to say about this kit, except that ten years (!) after it's release it's still the finest Phantom available in 1/72nd. . Revell's new release is lovely, but has a few outline problems that keep it in second place to this piece of modelling Nirvana.  I have a pile of these models on the "to do" pile, and still buy them when I see them!  

Construction is pretty straightforward and the only filler I ever use is a little around the lower wing to intake joint. . a common spot on Phantoms for the filler to be broken out.  The paint scheme is done with Humbrol enamels, and consists of a 36375/36320 base camoflage with a peculiar red-brown oversprayed for fighter meets in typical Japanese style. for the brown I employed a deeply scientific method of taking a pot of Humbrol #133 red/brown and chucking grey and white in in varying amounts and giving it a stir until the colour looked about right  from the box top photo. I wouldn't be able to repeat the mixing exercise in a thousand years because it was just so random, but the final colour looks about right to me.

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The ejector seats are Neomega with PP Aeroparts ejection handles, canopy mirrors and HUD. 

The Sidewinders and Sparrows are from a Hasegawa weapons set (I need some more.  I've denuded four of these sets of their AIM-9L's in a little more than a year!).  

The metal areas on the tail are Alclad II in various mixes (ahhhhh. . Alclad!). Final matt finish is Tamiya clear with flat base mixed in.

If you have yet to try this model but like the Phantom, I can only say rush out and get one now. . . . it is 1/72nd modelling at it's very finest! 

Drewe Manton

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Photos and text by Drewe Manton