1/72 Hasegawa F-4D

Gallery Article by Drewe Manton


Hasegawa F-4C/D. Finished to represent the aircraft as she was on August 28th 1972 (call sign Buick-01), when Steve Ritchie and Chuck DeBellevue flew her to their fifth victory, thus making them the first fighter ace team in USAF history.


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Seats are Neomega, mirrors are PP Aeroparts.  

AIM-9J Sidewinders are from Hasegawa weapons set 3 with the forward fins replaced with plastic sheet. AIM-7E-2 Sparrows are from Hasegawa set 9 with the cable ducts shortened and the noses re-profiled to represent these Sparrows (they are AIM-7M in the set). The model still needs a pair of ALQ-101 pods, these are under construction as we speak. . rod and tube and plastic sheet, nobody does these early pods in 1/72nd. . .

Model is finished with Gunze Sangyo Mr Color acrylic laquers and Humbrol enamels. NM areas are Alclad II (is there any other NM finish?!?!?) Decals are a mixture of Cutting Edge and kit, slime lights are from Pro-Modeler and the weapons stencilling is from CE and Hasegawa. Final finish is Testor Dullcote.   

Fun build, I really like the Hasegawa Phantom. Took about a week and a half.

Drewe Manton

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Photos and text by Drewe Manton