1/72 Revell F-4 Phantom

Gallery Article by Drewe Manton


This is yet another Revell F-4F Phantom in 1/72nd. This is my third in under a year. For this build I decided to do something about the not quite right nose contours on this model. I used the Hasegawa F-4E nose to make a plastic card template in order to see just what needed to be done. 


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After assembling the nose and checking against the template/gauge, it became apparent that the kit's nose cone is simply too long. Some 2-3mm was chopped
straight off the end and then the gauge was used to carve and sand the nose cone to the right shape. It sounds harder than it is and probably took me 10-15 minutes in total. I had filled the nose with resin as a guard against going through the plastic but in fact never did break through.  The shape is improved greatly and some of the character of the  long nosed Phantom is returned to the model.  The only other mod was to use a spare Hasegawa  fin tip in place of the inaccurate kit item.

The model is painted to represent aircraft 37+51 of JG-71 "Richtofen" in 1976, when she wore a highly attractive evaluation scheme. After completing the model it became apparent that I hadn't got the colours quite right. . the blue is a little too light, and the grey a little too dark, which means there isn't as much contrast as there perhaps should be in the scheme. But never mind, these things happen from time to time, and the finished item is still an eye catcher! 

The wash is the "sludge" wash as shown in FSM a few months ago.

Only another few hundred Luftwaffe Phantoms to go and I'll have covered all the schemes it's worn!

Drewe Manton


Photos and text by Drewe Manton