1/48 P-61 Caricature

Gallery Article by Hal Elsberry on Jan 3 2012

Silly Week 2012


I originally built this Revell P-61 a few years ago. The paint had been damaged during a move so I decided to fix it while waiting for paint to dry on another kit being worked on.  After washing it I walked outside to shake the excess water off. 


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As I was walking a wing tip caught on my shorts and the aircraft entered into an uncontrolled flight onto my driveway.  It was definitely a Class A mishap and I was left with a pile of parts.  I didn’t want to throw it away and I wouldn’t have been able to rebuild it.  Since I am a fan of Hank Caruso’s Aerocatures (http://www.aerocatures.com/mini.htm) I decided to try and bring his 2-d art into 3-d.  After a ton of putty and hours of sanding this is what I came up with.  

Hopefully I did the artwork justice.



Photos and text © by Hal Elsberry