1/32 Azur Morane 406 & Curtiss H75-A3

Gallery Article by Olivier Barles on Nov 12 2012



Here are a few photos of 2 of my Azur 1/32 scale French Fighters series.  Besides "conventional pictures", the idea was also to use the beautiful summer skies of Brittany to try getting some interesting dynamic snapshots of those models.  Not sure if I succeeded in doing it but it was good fun!


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Pictures were taken in mid early morning or late afternoon, trying to catch either the growing blank light that rises after the dawn or the golden ambiance of the evening.

For pictures using the sky as a background, I simply selected "interesting pieces of skies" and held the models by the extremity of a wing, trying to get the most interesting position before taking the shot (and of course, being careful in not getting my hand in the frame).

As the light was quite good, I could have enough depth by using a tight camera diaphragm aperture through a wide angle lens to obtain a nice definition.  The aim was to try giving the illusion that the models have the size of the actual real planes...

At the same time, it was also a good way to insist on some details that can better be seen through variations of shades and lights playing with the surfaces of the models...

Hope you'll enjoy...



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Photos and text by Olivier Barles