1/48 Hasegawa F-18B

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on Nov 30 2012



Guess I have been in a dark mood the last month.  Think we had one day of sunshine and I was at work in the windowless concrete bunker that day.  So, with the rain all but 2 days last month some building on my off days was accomplished.  Only problem is everything seemed to involve black.  A Lancaster, then 3 USN black bad guys in a row.  The one for the gallery is the F-18B.  But I will include some shots of the F-5s.


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The F-18B is the Hasegawa kit which was lightly started and missing a bunch of parts.  Fortunately I had a supply of extra Black Box parts to make up for most of the missing items.  Unfortunately one of my CF-18s (one I am none to happy with) had to donate its front tires to complete the new kit.  The Fightertown decals really finish this model well.  That and around three or forty seven coats of future for a very shiny finish.

The F-5s used Fightertown decals (from the same sheet) for the F-5E representing a Top Gun Movie F-5 "Mig-28". The F-5F uses Two Bobs decals. The Fightertown sheet also comes with these markings but I intended to use those for a different project in the future. I "think" the F-14A used VF decals but it was built several years ago and I am not 100% positive.

Shawn "phantom" Weiler

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Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler