Hasegawa Zero

Gallery Article by Dave Bailey, aka The Rat on Apr 20 2014

Easter Sunday 2014



Captain Al Bumen was near the end of his patrol when he spotted a speck out of the corner of his eye. By the sixth sense most good pilots develop he could tell from the color of the speck that it was Japanese green long before the ‘meatballs’ were visible. Checking his fuel he saw that he might just have enough to engage, turned to attack, and soon realised that he was up against something new. Whoever the engineer was who had turned out this plane had either grown up on a farm or had an obesity fetish. Not so much an aircraft as a rugby ball with wings, it wallowed along unaware of his presence. He followed it to a small island, where it landed on a rough airstrip. He circled. The aircraft seemed to be lurching after it stopped. He saw a crack appear behind the cockpit. He rubbed his eyes. He looked again. He shook his head and wondered if his breakfast bacon had gone bad.


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The next day he was ushered into a room where a debriefing was held. Curiosity led him to ask what was going to become of his strange discovery. A few sideways glances told him that he wasn’t going to find out anything. The government agent looked at him with a conspiratorial countenance, and said “We have top men working on it now.” “Who?” asked Captain Bumen. “Top… men.”

A very large crate was moved into a remote warehouse…

Dave Bailey


Photos and text © by Dave Bailey