1/350 Polar Lights Constitution class NCC-1701 USS Enterprise

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on Sept 8 2017



This is a kit I have wanted in my collection for years. Many, many years. Had the Constitution class on the shelves many times over the years. Gave those kits away to friends once I found this BIG 1/350 scale kit for sale at an almost reasonable price. It was still freaking expensive.but...IT'S THE ENTERPRISE!!!!! No freaking A. B, C or D. The original. Kirk and Spock's ship.

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Seeing as whenever I build a model I always have an old movie or a 50 plus year old episode of Star Trek playing, I had all the references I needed. What makes this kit awesome (the photos do NOT do it justice) is the lights. I always put lights in my big ships. But they were all ran of a 9 volt battery. This ship with the rotating warp corps needed a constant electrical course. That is what makes this kit a tad more expensive then I would like. It's made by Polar Lights and fits the kit perfectly. In fact, I do not see how anyone could build this ship without the lights.

As you can see I have a couple 1/350 scale Enterprises. The recently decommissioned CVN-65, NX-01 and NCC-1701A. But of all my models. Of all the near 200 Phantoms I have built. This is my favorite.


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Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler