1/48 Monogram F-20 Tigershark

Gallery Article by Fly-n-hi on Sept 29 2017



Here is the 1/48 Monogram F-20 Tigershark. This is a decent kit that has old school features like raised panel lines and weapons with almost no detail. This kit went together mostly well. The seams where the intakes attach to the fuselage required quite a bit of filling work to make seamless. Same with the tail section/fuselage seam.

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I added some wiring to the nose gear, the wingtip launch rails and the inert AIM-9 and AN/APX-95 pod. I also scratch built the HUD. The decals were made by TwoBobs.

I enjoyed building this but I think I may try the Freedom Models F-20 next time!


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Photos and text by Fly-n-hi