1/32 Revell Heinkel 219A2

Gallery Article by Jens Gerber on Oct 8 2018



1/32 Revell Heinkel 219A2 + Big Ed Set Eduard

Today I'm here with the He 219 A2 by Revell in 1:32 with the BiG set by Eduard.  A kit as a good basis for a really good price.

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I had problems with the weight, the Heinkel needs a lot of lead in the nose, which leads to some problems in combination with the etching parts and the kit parts for the main landing gear. In order to get to the safe side I looked at the RC model and one 2 components resin adhesive reinforced with glass fiber flakes used for the landing gear construction.

The etched parts for the flaps and lids are only glued on, Eduard gives it in the instructions before, but also there you should work very carefully, the connection with the superglue should be completely, a small corner loose and the part dissolves very quickly, in the size and weight, the model is unwieldy and such small glitches are well programmed.

In the straps, I would individually for a set of HGW decide, in the BiG set by Eduard are some of them, but by the material only conditionally to process, a colleague gave me the tip to bring the material before bending to body heat, so the color gets a bit more flexible and does not break off.

To the colors
A base of RLM 75 by Gunze Mr. Color, plus the black, a mixture of Gunze Hobby Color and in layers Alclad Filler Black, then the meander in RLM 76, each area individually and always painted to the end, while each line of RLM 76 4 times and more Repeatedly to get a good contrast, after the first clear coat (gloss GX 100 by Gunze Color) again all lines drawn with RLM 76, then the decals and again Gunze GX gloss varnish clear and then a Semimatt of Alclad and again the lines with RLM 76 reinforced.

All in all, a very relaxed time, 3 weeks modeling pass pure, even if there were small glitches, but the accuracy of fit and the details on the model have left everything forgotten.

In retrospect, I find little criticism of the Revell Kit, with Eduard only trifles, such as inaccurate details of the parts codes, confused positions and just the stubborn straps or color etched parts where the color would hardly adhere.

And so have fun with the pictures,
For direct questions and critiques, I am happy to be available on Facebook ARC

Best regards from Germany

Jens Gerber

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Photos and text by Jens Gerber