1/72 Trumpeter BAC Lightning F.6

Gallery Article by Bob TheDoc on Oct 8 2018



The BAC Lightning was a Cold War stalwart and needs no introduction. The unique thing about it was its unusual engine layout, which has not been replicated as far as I know.

Trumpeter's 1:72 offering of this classic is a great kit as far as fit-and-finish is concerned. 

Detailing is also nice, though I have no idea as to its accuracy. 

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I couldn't find photos of the kit supplied paint scheme for this serial number anywhere, so I've done it in the scheme that I did manage to find photos of online. Though I was tempted to go for the camo scheme, I finally bit the bullet and went ahead with NMF, something which I was trying for the first time.

I built it working off and on over two weeks. The paints are Vallejo Model Color and Metal Color. Decals are kit-supplied and took a bit of work to settle down somewhat. Built OOB except for some minor scratch-building.

Bob TheDoc

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Photos and text by Bob TheDoc