A couple 1/48 Revell F-5Fs

Gallery Article by Shawn phantom Weiler on Oct 29 2018



What do you do when ARC is running two Group builds at the same time, when you think the model is good for both of them?

You build one for each of course!

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I built one of these for the “Revell" GB that Kurt and I are running and another for the “Top Gun” GB. Both kits are the Revell old school F-5F Tiger built out of the box. Both represent Tigers found at Top Gun in the early 80s. Both use decals from Furball, from the same sheet of course!

Neither are hard builds, nor especially detailed. They will never win an IPMS completion, just a nice relaxing build. Also included a shot of my other F-5Es and Fs in 1/48.


Photos and text © by Shawn phantom Weiler