1/72 Zvezda Bofors AA

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on Dec 21 2018



Spot the two pieces of aircraft here that make this diorama relevant to an aviation modelling site. Yes, I'm sure you got them: two Luftwaffe unit badges (decals on tin foil) stuck on the protective wooden fence which - with the pointing officer figure - make the little story for this model.

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I like Zvezda kits: they're usually well-detailed and good value for money as was this one. You get four (slightly skinny) figures plus the gun which turned out nicely. Only alteration I made was to change the pair of large sights for old photo-etch (actually Me109 cockpit internals). 

Other standing figures are softish plastic from Caesar Miniatures while the motorcyclist is the venerable old Airfix moulding with thinner handlebars; chest gasmask bags had to be made from Milliput too to match the Zvezda crewmen.

Painting was by Tamiya acrylics, washing and dry-brushing by cheap tubed acrylic. The wooden fencing was cut from ice-cream sticks, the base from some old scrap, groundwork from somebody's garden.

Greg Kerry

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Photos and text by Greg Kerry