1/48 ICM Do 17 Z2

Gallery Article by Jens Gerber on June 9 2021



Today I want to show you all my Do 17 Z2 from ICM in 1:48  with some accessories from Vector and Eduard as well as decals from OWL.

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The horizontal stabilizer from Vector in resin is the most important modification for me, because the IC`M kit does not have the cavity for the pendulum rudder, which can be seen very clearly on pictures of the Do 17/215 and 217.
The fit and details of the Do from ICM are quite good, but where there is light there is also shadow and ICM has real problems with the connection of the wing and motor nacelle with the 2 Mots, which requires a lot of patience and spatula.

Eduard's BiG Ed Set is very helpful, even if not everything makes sense (because it will later be covered by plastic)
With the OWL decals I depicted a Do 17Z Do 17 Z2 KG 76 France 1940.

Colors are, as usual, Gunze Mr. Color RLM 70/71 / 65 and Metal finish from Alclad and Mr. Metal, plus an RLM 02 from Tamiya, various pigments from CMK and watercolors from the school paint box for the patina

Best regards from Germany

Jens Gerber

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Photos and text by Jens Gerber