1/48 Hasegawa PhantomFGR 2

Gallery Article by Shaun Bowman-Davies


The Phantom FGR2 was retired from the RAF in 1992. One of the last squadron to operate the Phantom was number 56 squadron "The Firebirds" based at RAF Wattisham.

Their aircraft were marked only with a small Phoenix badge on the nose flanked with red and white checkerboards, but in the last year of service the squadron chose to paint the tails ofall the squadronsaircraft in brightred paint, adding awelcome splash of colour to the other wise plain air defensegrey scheme.

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This model was built from the Hasegawa 1/48th Phantom FGR 2 kit OOB.  The kit went together well ,with the only problem areas being ,the rear of the intake were it meets the fuselage which needed a bit of sanding to blend in with contours ,and a gap on the underside were the front of the wing joins the fuselage to the rear of the front wheel bay, I fixed this with a bit of plastic card and filler. 

The model was painted with Extracolour paints and i use the 56 squadron decals which came with the kit.  The aircraft was given a cote of Extraflat varnish to give it that dull look that was common on RAF Phantoms.

I was very pleased with the result of this model and this colourful Phantom now take pride of place on the living room cabinet.

Shaun Bowman-Davies


Photos and text by Shaun Bowman-Davies