1/32 Revell F-4E

Gallery Article by Miguel Becerril


Greetings everyone. I have been building models since I was eight years old and my favorite now a days is the F-4 Phantom. I flew in them as a Marine, so my preference is building naval versions of the jet. My son Rawle bought me an F-4E in 1/32 Scale (Revell). I didn't want to build a USAF version, so I researched foreign F-4E's.  I selected the Hellenic Air Force because of their most recent upgrade, ICARUS PEACE 2000, which incorporated modifications I had not seen on other F-4's. Having flown in the back seat, that's the "office" that interested me most.  The IP 2000 upgrade included displays not common to the F-4. 

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Next,  I fashioned the intake mounted receivers from spare sprue. The Greek added receivers on the nose of the jet giving it a unique look.

The kit, although decent, lacked a lot of interior detail.  I began by scratchbuilding the interior walls of the front and rear cockpits. I used Resin seats and an F-4 interior detail set. I made the CRT displays  with sheet styrene and each of the buttons were placed individually. 

I painted the jet with acrylics mixed to match the colors suggested on the CAM decal sheet I ordered. It was a lot of fun to build and I hope you enjoy the photos, (Rest of photos).

Miguel Becerril

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Photos and text by Miguel Becerril