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1/72 Spitfire Mk.VIII cockpit 

Product # 672156 for Eduard kit

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Sept 3 2018



This resin and photo etch set from Eduard is part of the Brassin series and is available directly from Eduard Model AccessoriesThis set includes a Spitfire Mk.VIII cockpit  in 1/72 scale.


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This resin set includes:

  • 21 resin parts

  • 1 photo etch sheet of pre-painted parts

  • acetate sheets to provide glass for gunsight

There are 6 pages of instruction in the usual line drawing format that Eduard is famous for and which are so easy to follow.  The instructions also include painting instructions.

You will be required to fold the photoetch in this set, but if you have one of the Hold & Fold photo etch benders from The Small Shop, then this will be an easy process.  They have a variety of benders for sharp corners as well as rounded corners and in many different sizes.

The Spitfire has a wonderfully detailed Spitfire Mk.VIII cockpit and this set captures all that detail beautifully.  The instrument panel is a pre-painted multi-layer photo etch affair and the cockpit floor and sidewalls are done as separate pieces.  There are also layer upon layer of resin and photo etch parts to further detail that cockpit with fine and glorious detail.  Once installed, this cockpit will give your model a stellar level of detail.

You can buy this detail set and thousands of other items directly from Eduard Model Accessories.

Images in this article are by Eduard Model Accessories.

Steve Bamford

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford