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1/72 War gift: Presentation Spits Mk. II, V, IX versions decal sheet

Product # AD72-55

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Nov 23 2012



This decal sheet from Authentic Decals includes markings for 14 different 1/72 Presentation Supermarine Spitfires Mk.II, Mk.V, Mk.IX and is available directly from Sprue Bros.


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The 14 aircraft include the following: 

  • P8044 EB-J 41 Sqn '1st Canadian Division' 1941; 

  • P8528 PK-J 315 (Polish) Sqn 'Township of Shipley' 1941; 

  • P8505 UO-H 266 Sqn 'Stamford' 1941; 

  • P7923 DB-R 411(RCAF) Sqn 'Venture' 1942; 

  • P8394 UM-J 152(Hyderabad) Sqn Fl.Lt P.Illingworth 'Gibraltar'; Mk.Vb W3450 JU-K 111 Sqn 'Dunottar Castle' 1941; 

  • AD554 NX-Q 131 (County of Kent) Sqn FltLt J.Doll 'Bexley' 1942; 

  • AD350 PJ-C 130 (Punjab) Sqn ' Endeavor' 1942; 

  • AA879 YQ-U 816 (South Yorkshire) Sqn 'Manchester Civil Defender';

  • BM420 NX-A 131 (County of Kent) Sqn 'Sprit of Kent Lord Cornwallis' 1942 Mk.Vc 

  • EE602 DV-V 120 (Mysore) Sq 'Central Railways Uruguayab Staff 1943; 

  • Mk.IXc BS461 ZD-B 222(Natal) Sqn 'Turf Club' 1943; 

  • ML242 SK-A 165(Ceylon) Sqn 'Times of Ceylon' 1944' 

  • PT959 CFB 132 Wing Gp Capt C.F.Bradley 'Joan Too' 1944

The instructions are clear and include at least 1 view of each aircraft plus general 4 views to show the standard camo layout.  

This decal sheet is loaded with a massive selection of Spitfires

This decal sheet is available directly from Sprue Brothers Models.

You can buy this decal sheet and thousands of other items directly from the Sprue Brothers Models site They are famous for their prompt service.

Go to this link to buy this item. 

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford